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AI driven automation for accountants.

Atomic automates data transformation so you can focus on delivering real value to clients.

Revolutionize Your Accounting Firm with Atomic

With Atomic, you can automate manual and repetitive tasks. Rather than spending time on data entry, manipulation, and analysis, you can use Atomic to automate the intake, processing, labeling, reconciliation, and exporting of all client data.

AI Driven Automation

By using LLMs, we enable interaction and manipulation of your data using natural language input. Talk to your data as you would to a colleague and get the output you need to complete your accounting process.

Seamless Integration

Atomic works with your existing accounting software tools so you do not have to manually transfer data between them. When moving data from one tool to another, use Atomic to reformat the data as needed to work across any platform.

Tax and Accounting Lookup

Atomic lets you search for tax and accounting rules and get responses that are specific to your client. No more aimless online searching without client context. Get answers relevant to the work you are doing, in real time.

Free Up Time for Value Added Work

Let us handle the boring work so you can deliver real value to your clients. Use Atomic to generate financial projections based on your business insights. With natural language input, generate clear tables and illustrative graphs to showcase your analysis to clients. 

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