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Your employees deserve financial freedom

Atomic makes financial planning accessible to all employees


A comprehensive financial wellness platform for your employees

Customized Financial Plan

After automated intake, Atomic provides each employee a customized financial plan

Tools for Execution

Employees can track plan progress using our intuitive financial tools

Financial Education

An AI chatbot answers questions and curates educational content specific to each user

Why do employers need Atomic?




38% of financially stressed employees are looking for another job




Employees waste 3 hours per week during work hours on financial management 




Productivity loss and increased turnover can cost you $10,000 per employee per year 

Our Team

Varun Annadi


Varun is a former techie turned entrepreneur who is passionate about financial wellness. He worked as the Program Manager for the Apple Watch and Google AR Glasses and has served as an Advisory Board Member for Junior Achievement. He also sits on the board of a family Tax and Accounting business for which he helps drive business strategy. 


Currently finishing his MBA at Harvard Business School, Varun is eager to help people have the financial planning tools he wishes he had as a young adult. He is committed to making Atomic the ultimate platform to help you master money management.

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Shikha Raval

Strategy and Sales

Shikha is a former consultant and software product manager. She worked as a Bain consultant serving several large tech clients, led product strategy for a financial planning fin-tech company, and drove operations at DoorDash. As an immigrant, Shikha experienced first hand the struggles of developing personal finance acumen and is committed to reducing this burden on others. 


An imminent Harvard Business School MBA graduate, Shikha is driven by the challenge of delivering Atomic to the millions in need of personal finance support. She wants Atomic to be synonymous with financial success and wealth maximization.

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